Helping Educators better organize and communicate essential priorities and expectations to their learners in an asynchronous format.


The move to online asynchronous learning strained classroom communication tools, and our learners were almost instantly overwhelmed. To be a successful asynchronous classroom tool, we needed to help empower educators by giving them resources they rely on in the real world and give learners clear guidelines of classroom expectations.

The Problem

Educator Problem

Inefficient methods to set clear & consistent year-round classroom expectations and making learning material easily accessible to students. No ability to categorize/organize classroom communication and learning resources based on priority & type.

Learner Problem

High effort level to stay on top of classroom expectations and find/access classroom communication and learning material. The effort to consume, prioritize, sort, and organize the material shared in the classroom is high for students and teachers.


Iterations & Discovery

This is how the tool looks like after a few iterations; I made so many different designs and prototypes during the couple of months I was designing, testing it with Educators, and pitching it to Edmodo's executive members team to get it built. These were some of the initial feedback I received from users & members of my team.


Simplify How To Share Complicated Instructions

As I began testing my initial prototype, I found that there was a breakdown in how information is intended to be share and how learners then received it.


Scheduling & Calendar






Shipped late July 2020

The MVP for the Agenda builder was shipped late July 2020, before the majority of our users returned from their summer break. Since shipping I've worked with my team to iterate and ship other meaningful updates.

In the end I was able to help design a tool that accomplished the majority of the objectives that I set out to achieve and that was well received by our users. There were a few important features that didn't make it into what was shipped, but were removed because of project scope, sales objectives and executive decisions.

Project Challenges

This was one of my favorite projects I've worked on at Edmodo, but it also came with the most challenges. After the creation initial concept I pitched the concept across the organization from product to sales and marketing to finally our executive team. With the eyes of the entire company on this project made many concessions along the way but ended up shipping a tool that was able to solve a massive problem our learners and educators were facing.

Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more about this project.